Learn the ins and outs of Crobox's technology

How To Guides

Product Finders

How to optimize your Product Finders and leverage your analytics dashboard.

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Dynamic Messaging

Learn how to implement our Dynamic Badges using the Crobox app.

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Product Insights

Learn how to make the most of your product data.

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Get the answers to your questions in these FAQs.

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Technical Documentation


We answer all your questions about Crobox's technology!

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Get Started

Learn about implementing the Crobox snippet on-site

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Learn how to implement our Javascript, Tealium, and GTM APIs

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Understand how Crobox stays within GDPR and our use of cookies

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Key Concepts

Data & Analytics

Learn key data terms and how we apply them.

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Product Insights

Learn how to leverage your data and analytics for product insights.

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Behavioral Psychology

Learn about key psychological theories and practices.

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