How do I create segments?

Segments are based on audience or product-specific variables that can be used for targeting campaigns. Audience segments are made up of custom variables such as their Country, Device, or Medium. Product segments are created based on custom variables such as Color, Material, ID, or Category.

To view all your segments:

  1. Select “Design” on the left menu bar

  2. Select “Segments”

Create an Audience Segment

If you want to learn more about the impact of experiments on specific groups of customers, you can create audience segments. For example, if you want to learn about UK Mobile Users you can create a segment as such.

  1. Go to your Crobox dashboard

  2. Click on Design

  3. Go to Segments

  4. Click on “Create an audience segment”

  5. Choose a descriptive name under Segment Name

  6. Select the countries you want to include in your audience segment under Country Targeting

  7. Select the medium you would like to include in the audience segment under Medium Targeting

  8. In all three Targeting boxes, you will have multiple options to choose from

  9. Click Save to save your audience segment

  10. You can create multiple audience segments

  11. You can edit existing segments

Create a Product Segment

If you want to group your products together based on their shared characteristics, you can create product segments. This will help you target specific segments with messaging and evaluate the impact on a group level.

  1. Go to your Crobox dashboard

  2. Click on Design

  3. Go to Segments

  4. If you want to manually find and add your products, type in your product ID or name in the Product Search Bar

  5. Click the boxes to add the products

Upload in bulk

  1. Select “Batch Upload”

  2. Select the file including the products you wish to upload (ensure the first column in the file shows the Product IDs, the rest of the sheet will be ignored)

  3. Create a descriptive name for your Product Segment.

  4. Click Save

Don’t forget to create Names for your segments and hit Save so you can find them again when designing your Custom Badges and filtering in your Performance Screen.

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