What are Smart Filters?

Smart Filters are the mechanism of Crobox’s Dynamic Messaging solution that allows for automation and the scaling of message coverage. It also ensures the messages showing on products are truthful and helps our system set the right messages on the right products at scale, we use Smart Filters.

Smart Filters are the conditions that a product must meet for a message to be showcased in a badge. The goal of these triggers is to ensure that the machine learning algorithm has as much freedom as possible to test product and message combinations without jeopardizing the accuracy of the message. Filters are based on product ratings, for example, popularity in click/bought events.

Our algorithm determines which message on which product is shown based on the user context. This ensures that when multiple messages can be shown on a product, our system chooses the message that has the best chance to stimulate click behavior (e.g., click-through, add-to-cart event).

Some of the filters that are most common are as follows:

  • Our tip → Product ID does match any [enter product IDs]

  • Selling fast → Event Ranks bought Today per category (<=20%)

  • High customer satisfaction → Product Rating is equal to or larger than 4 stars

  • Recommended → Product rating is between 3.5 and 4 stars

  • Lightweight → Custom Property weight (<= 1kg)

These settings are adjustable. You could, for example, adjust the filter so “High Customer Satisfaction” only shows when there are at least 10 reviews. However, it should be kept in mind that the more restrictions are set, the more limited the system will be in selecting products that can bear the specific messages.

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