Tealium Snippet Implementation

This document describes how to integrate the Crobox snippet into your website using the Tealium iQ Tag Management solution.

Integration using the Tealium Generic Tag

To access the Tag Marketplace, click iQ Tag Management > Tags in the sidebar and then click + Add Tag in the top-right corner.

Search for Tealium in the searchbox and click the + Add of the Tealium Generic Tag.

Fill in the following field in Properties section

  • Title - The name you would like to assign to your tag; set it to Crobox Javascript Tag

And in the Vendor configuration section set

  • Type - Select the Script Tag type.

  • Base URL - Copy and paste the URL of the Crobox code snippet provided by your Crobox account manager. (only the part in green without the quotes).

  • Request Script Once - Set this option to Enable

<script src="//cdn.crobox.io/js/000000.js" async defer></script>

The actual snippet is provided by your Crobox account manager and is unique for your website. The examples shown above is for reference only and not functional. Do not integrate the example shown on your website.

Click the Finish buton.

To make use of the Crobox Javascript Tag you will need to publish it. Click the Save/Publish button from the top right of the Tealium Portal. For more information see the Saving and Publishing documentation from Tealium.

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