Flow Tab: How to Manage the Questions of your Product Finder

In this article you will find information on how to manage the question and answer flow of your Product Finder, as well as how to create new questions

How to Manage the Question Flow

Follow the steps in the video below to change the order of questions.

  • Keep in mind that all the questions have to be connected to each other.

  • The first question of your Product Finder has to be connected to the landing page

  • The last question of your Product Finder needs to be connected to the loading and results pages.

How to Create a New Question

To create a new question, click on the Add question button, shown in the screenshot below.

You will be directed to the question editor, where you can add your question and answers (you can find the step-by-step instructions on creating and editing questions by clicking here).

Once you are finished with editing the new question and save it, you will directed back to the Flow Tab. You can connect the new question to any of the other questions by following the steps in the videos below. When you refresh the page, the flow will visually align based on the order of the questions.

In the first example we demonstrate how to make the new question the last question of your Finder flow.

In the second example we show you how to connect the new question to another spot in the Finder.

Once you are satisfied with your changes, don't forget to click on Save.

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