How to Choose the Right Product Category for Your Product Finder

Before you begin your onboarding journey with us, it's important to make strategic decisions about which product categories or product lines to focus on for your Product Finder experience.

This guide will help you consider key factors to ensure that you maximize the effectiveness of your Crobox experience and provide the best finder for your users in line with your business goals.

Key Considerations for Selecting a Product Category

  1. Consider Category Complexity:

    • Select a product category for which visitors need assistance in deciding the “right” product for their needs. These are usually products containing more complex attributes.

    • Complex categories benefit more from guided decision-making, enhancing user satisfaction.

  2. Evaluate Product Quantity:

    • Choose a product category with a substantial number of products.

    • A larger selection ensures the Product Finder can be useful and leverage diverse data attributes to recommend the right product.

  3. Identify High-Traffic Products/Categories:

    • Examine your user session metrics to identify which products or categories attract the most visitors.

    • High-traffic products indicate strong interest and can provide a wealth of data for recommendations.

  4. Ensure Data Quality:

    • The data for your chosen category must be of high technical quality.

    • Sufficient, accurate data is crucial for creating questions in the Product Finder that will resonate with your users' needs.

  5. Align with your Business Goals:

    • Ensure your Product Finder aligns with your overall business objectives, this can include reviewing your consumer research, sales and marketing strategies, landing page and website navigation.

    • Think about whether you aim to promote a particular product category and how this fits into your broader strategic decisions.

By taking these factors into account, you'll be well-prepared to set up your Product Finder in a way that drives engagement and meets your business goals. Ready to get started? Let's make the most of your Crobox experience!

Contact your Account Manager, who will be able to answer any questions about your onboarding.

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