Product Data: Adding a Property Category

Within this article, you will find how to organize your product data efficiently by creating and managing property categories.

Product categories can be used to group properties, providing a structured way to manage and organize your product data. By categorizing properties, you can streamline the process of identifying and highlighting specific product benefits, making it easier to manage diverse product lines.

For example, you might create distinct categories for Blenders and Coffee Machines, along with general properties applicable across multiple products.

This categorization not only aids in better data organization but also enhances the ability to target and segment products effectively, ensuring that product-specific attributes are clearly defined and easily accessible.

  1. Go to Crobox App, navigate to Product Data and select Properties.

  2. Click on the three-dot menu and select Add Category above.

  1. Name the category and if applicable, create conditions to segment specific products from your feed into the category (this is an optional filter to apply business rules).

  1. After additional product categories are created, move properties to product-specific categories by selecting the checkbox, then choose "Move to Category" from the menu.

  1. Adjust properties existing in multiple categories by updating the property settings and adding all applicable categories.

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