GTM Snippet Implementation

This document describes how to integrate the Crobox snippet into your website using the Google Tag Manager solution.

Integration using Google Tag Manager (GTM)

The following steps are required when installing the Crobox snippet into GTM:

Go to Google Tag Manager and select the option “New Tag” in the workspace of the website where Crobox needs to be implemented.

Rename the Tag to "Crobox Javascript Tag"

Choose the tag type "Custom HTML" from the menu.

Paste the snippet provided by Crobox as provided by your Crobox account manager.

The actual snippet is provided by your Crobox account manager and is unique for your website. The examples shown above is for reference only and not functional. Do not integrate the examples on your website.

Select the Triggering menu and set the trigger to “All pages.”

It's important that the Crobox snippet is triggered on All pages, since we collect data across the entire funnel.

The tag has been created and is ready to be published.

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