Manual Snippet Implementation

This document describes how to integrate the Crobox snippet into your website.

The actual snippet is provided by your Crobox account manager and is unique for your website. The examples shown below are for reference only and not functional. Do not integrate the examples on your website.

Manual snippet integration

Integrating the snippet is just one line of code. It should be placed on every page of your website somewhere within your <head> tag.

<!-- Crobox Javascript Snippet  -->
<script src="//" async defer></script>

It's important that the Crobox snippet is integrated on every page, since we collect data across the entire funnel.

Alternatively, it's possible to integrate the Crobox snippet using a tag management solution. Such as Google Tag Manager or Tealium iQ Tag Management.

Note on the page performance: Since the script tag has the async and defer attributes specified it will not slow down your page load time. Normally the average size of the code being loaded is under 25 KB gzip.

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