What are Product Attributes?

What are Product Attributes and Why do They Matter?

Product Attributes are concrete characteristics that make up a product. These characteristics comprise features, functions, and uses of the product. Traditionally, these are things like size, color, shape, ingredients, texture, materials, etc. For the most part, product attributes are objective.

For example, if you’re selling running shoes, your product attributes are the elements that make up your products like the level of support, cushioning, and the materials used. Depending on the customer, different attributes might stand out for different reasons.

Highlighting product attributes becomes even more important when the product assortment is complex or the product differences don’t jump out straight away by looking at an item. For example, running shoes lose their applicability if their unique identifiers aren’t mentioned. Shoppers want to know the comfort level, amount of cushioning, fabric breathability, or even that it’s part of a new line. The same applies to food, electronics, utilitarian products, cosmetics, or high-fashion quality products.

In short, revealing product attributes will improve the customer experience. They help facilitate product search and discovery while allowing the retailer to show the nuances of each product. Especially if you’re selling products that look the same, product attributes help convince information-seekers that this is the product for them.

Product attributes are best seen at each step of your conversion funnel, but also across multiple channels. For example:

  • Product Listing Page: filtering, search, badging

  • Product Detail Page: USP checkmarks, product descriptions

  • In-store: digital boards, employee training, product posters

Product attributes matter because they show the reasons why your customers should buy one product over another. They are your products’ special characteristics. More often than not, these characteristics differentiate products from similar ones in the same category.

To maximize your brand individuality, you should pick the attributes that make your products stand out.

So why should you identify your product attributes? To sum up:

  • They help highlight elements of your products that resonate with your target audience

  • Improve the customer experience by improving product search and discovery

  • Provide reasons why your customers should buy your product over others

  • Enhance your product descriptions with relevant product information


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