How do I create Custom Product Badges?

Crobox’s Custom Badging lets you promote your products when, where, and how you want. Our app guides you through the process by letting you choose which badges to place on specific products. 

You can change font and badge color, but the location of the badge has been pre-selected by your Crobox account team. Custom badges are especially useful for your seasonal campaigns or if your team is interested in testing a particular message, and requires no IT.  

Your custom badges will run alongside our behavioral nudges and/or product attributes, without interfering in these experiments. 

You can choose to show Static Images or Dynamic Messages are you custom badges. 

Here’s a step-by-step guide on creating your own custom badges:

1. Go to your Crobox dashboard.

2. Under “Design”, click on Custom Badging.

3. Create a campaign.


4. Under Overview, choose a campaign name that is descriptive. 

5. Select a timeframe. If you want your campaign to begin straight away, click Immediately. For a specific date, choose one from the calendar. If you want an endless time frame select Never. 

6. Track your message performance. Keep in mind that in order to track performance you need a control group, which means a portion of your traffic will NOT see the custom messages. If you choose Performance Tracking OFF, then you will have no insights on the performance of your badge but all your products will carry this badge. 

7. Badge Exposure Ratio is the percentage of products you want labeled. All badged (100%) means all products that are eligible to be badged will be. We recommend setting this to 30%.

8. Your Messaging Option is between Dynamic Messages or Static Images (icons, uploaded images, etc.). 


9. Your targeting can be on a product segment (e.g., green clothing) or audience segment (e.g., GB mobile visitors from social). You can select existing segments or create new ones.

10. If you select add product segment, for example, you can search for your products based on their IDs or names and click the boxes that show up to add them. If you want to upload an excel sheet to your product segments, you can choose Batch Upload. Your first column needs to be your Product IDs for this to work. 

11. If you add an audience segment, you can add Segment, Country, Device, and Medium to refine your campaign targeting (i.e., which customers will see your badges). 

12. Save and go to your Step 2.

Badge Design

13. You can manipulate badge color, font, and positioning on either the PLP and/or PDP. If you only want this badge shown on the PLP, this can also be an option, but we recommend being consistent in your messaging and having the same messaging throughout the customer journey. 

14. The preview images will show the positioning of your badge. 

15. Save and go to your Step 3 

Campaign Messaging

16. Here, you can curate the messages you want to show on your products, including language, copy, and translations. 

17. If you chose Static Images for your product badges, this is the place where you can upload an image. 

18. Save and go to Step 4.

Preview & Publish

19. You can preview your campaign by clicking on Preview. This action is tracked using a digital timestamp. 

20. After having Previewed the campaign you can now click on Approve to approve your campaign. 

21. After you’ve approved your campaign, it can now be scheduled or published (depending on the timeframe you’ve chosen). 

22. If you realize you’ve made a mistake, you can still unpublish the campaign and make any changes. In case the campaign was already live, it will pause the campaign and create a new version. In case it was scheduled, it will go back to draft mode. 

23. After you have reviewed your details, you can now approve your campaign. 

24. We can A/B test your custom badges. Keep in mind, this will impact the percentage of visitors being exposed to the campaign, as traffic will be allocated for the control group, who aren’t shown a message.  

25. To see message performance go to Discover > Performance, and click on the name of this campaign.

26. Sit back, relax, and wait for the results to come in! You’ve done all the work yourself and earned it. 

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