What is a Product Data Feed and why do we need one?

What is a Product Data Feed?

This is how we get all of the information about our customers’ products. Having it in an automated process allows us to continuously have up-to-date information. This expands our ability to display more specific messages (based off of product scarcity for instance), and allows us to always have accurate product attribute information.

Why is a Product Data Feed needed?

  • Crobox needs detailed information about a customer’s products in order to be able to:
    • Target messages to certain products
    • Have clean, accurate data with a single (or ranked) source of truth
    • Be able to drill down into the specifics of the data, even on a product level
  • All product attribute messages and almost all of our Behavioral messaging relies on a Product Feed in order to have enough information to be able to accurately display the correct message.

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