What are messaging types?

Messaging types are the format in which your Dynamic Messages are shown. In most case, they are either Dynamic Badges or USPs. However, you can also have Dynamic Notifications.

Dynamic Badges

Dynamic Badges are best used on the product listing page to decrease choice overload. The effect of these badges is further improved when they are also present on the product detail page. These “sticky” badges ensure consistency in the product message and increase credibility. 

Dynamic Badges are fast-acting nudges with a short-form copy. Their aim is to make products stand out against others based on individual shopping goals. In short, you want to appeal to your customers’ automatic decision-making and nudge them through to the PDP.

When they get to the PDP, shoppers generally interact more with the product. This is the place where you want to provide the most detailed, clear, and concise information. Notifications and USPs should offer this information in a way that doesn’t interrupt the product experience, and instead, serve to boost it.

Dynamic USPs

Dynamic USPs also leverage AI to display the product attributes or behavioral nudges most likely to resonate with the shopper. Given their format, they are able to provide more information to the shopper, aligning with their need for information at this stage of the customer journey. 

Dynamic Notifications

Dynamic Notifications are used to drive purchase behavior. These messages are generally longer-form and more persuasive. Often, they highlight important brand notices, product stock, or social proof messages.  

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