How does Crobox use cookies?

Crobox uses cookies in order to identify users across multiple sessions. Without using cookies, we are unable to identify users during their life cycle resulting in incomplete profiles. However, if the client can provide us with a unique identifier (UUID) indicating a unique user, we don't need to store cookies at all.

Crobox is in the same cookies policy category as Google Analytics tracking. Our cookie policy is based on any other advertising technology and/or platform. Crobox is a first-party cookie such as any other A/B testing or analytical tool.

The cookie controlled by Crobox contains a randomly unique identifier (UUID) that tracks the user over multiple sessions. Its expiration date is set to 180 days. If the client has the possibility to send us a UUID, there is no cookie setting required resulting in no Crobox cookie stored at all.

The cookie parameters are the responsibility of the client. Crobox only sets the expiration date to 180 days.

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